Sensitive Skin

CeraVe Cleanser, CeraVe Moistuizer, CeraVe Diabetics Dry Skin Relief Moisturizer

Everyday for Everyone: CeraVe

For everyday, we use the dermatologist tested products in the CeraVe line.  Their product line covers all our skin types and affordable to use for the whole family. 

I have struggled for years with sensitive skin, combination skin, weird skin conditions, and now aging sensitive dry skin that will occasionally sprout a bump. My dermatologist recommended CeraVe. The CeraVe line of skin care is the only one that has solutions for all my skin needs and improves the look and texture of my skin without irritation. It is a tremendous value for a quality skin care product. To date I have found no downside to this great line of gentle skin care.

Products we use and love from CeraVe:

Skintensive Bruise and Scar Cream

Protective and Healing Products

My sister depends on the Skintensive Bruise and Scar Cream that contains Arnica to heal bruises and says it heals better than Arnica cream alone. Made in the USA. 

More Family Favorite Beauty Products

We've been using Dove Sensitive Skin Soap for years with great results. No dry elbows, feet or other areas. Mild enough for face washing. No plastic bottle!

Recommended by a long time friend who loves the purity and gentleness of these goat's milk products:

Dove Soap bar and box on a towel

We have used Dove Soap for many years and it lives up to its claims. I'm not good about moisturizing. This soap keeps my hands, elbows, feet, and the rest of my skin in good shape. Gentle enough to wash my face. I take a bar when I travel so I don't have to use hotel soap.  Highly affordable and suitable for the whole family.