Our favorite spring-form pan Fat Daddio's,  for the perfect cheesecake.

 Our Mother Loved to Bake!

One of our fondest memories of our time together as children was our mother's baking. Of course we hung out with her hoping to lick the spoon or get the last bit of icing from the bowl. Or the first hot cookies from the oven.

Our mother made birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cookies, bars, and candy. She learned to make the best fruit kolaches from the Czech ladies in Rosenberg, the small town south of Houston where we lived for a few years.

 What Mom was best known for was her cheesecake.  She got this recipe from a friend who lived in the same small town.

We make this cheesecake for special occasions and for guests. When Mother was making this masterpiece, we were admonished to speak softly, walk lightly, and close doors silently, for fear of making the cake fall. The cardinal sin was opening the oven while it was baking. 

Here is the recipe for the highly coveted cheesecake!