Healthy Eating 

 & Wisdom for Special Diets

We Can Do It Together!

A positive outlook on changing your eating habits can make a big difference in success. Human nature is such that we want what we are told we can't have. For us, food is not just fuel, it is one of the great pleasures of life. So how do we change our eating habits to enhance our health while continuing to enjoy food?

Changing our diet as we age is a struggle. Doctors, health magazines, nutritionists and dieticians all advise us to reduce our salt intake, eat mono-unsaturated fats and healthy fats found in foods like avocados and nuts, and eat a plant forward diet (fruits and vegetables.) Some of us have special diets where we must control certain foods such as carbohydrates for diabetics. Our doctor might tell us to lose weight for our health. 

Ask Questions and Follow Medical Advice

If your doctor says you need to be on a special diet due to a health condition, ask your doctor to provide specific information on what to eat. For example, if you are told to eat low sodium, find out your sodium allowance per day. You may also ask for a referral to a dietician. While we provide suggested recipes, products, and strategies to improve your eating, it's essential to follow what your doctor and/or dietician prescribes. We hope the ideas, recipes, products and stories will support you on your journey to better health.

Eating on a Budget for Special Dietary Needs

Finally, we have family members who are on a special diets and struggle with how to buy groceries and plan meals that everyone will enjoy. Healthy diets are full of the fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and unprocessed foods. You can eat low-calorie, low-sodium, vegetarian, vegan and many other diets without buying highly processed foods or breaking the bank. 

5 Steps to Eating Healthy