Fashion Swimsuits

2023 Swimwear: Dive into Style

Welcome to the Summer 2023 swimwear edition! 

If you need a new suit, this summer is a great time to snag a fashion-forward style at a great price. With the advent of online shopping, swimsuit hunting is faster and less traumatic than the days of tromping through the mall for hours and finally paying too much. Home shopping, easy returns, and a wide variety of styles, fabrics, sizes, and price points have transformed the experience. Now swimsuit shopping is at least pleasant and efficient, so you can focus on having fun. 

On-trend Now

 As a new season of sun, sea, and sand beckons, it's time to dive deep into the world of beach fashion. This year we're seeing a delightful blend of retro styles, bold colors, and inclusive designs that celebrate every body type. Here's a guide to the latest trends to help you make a splash this summer!

1. High-Waist Wonders

High-waist bikinis continue to be a favorite, their popularity undiminished since their revival in the 2010s. They're not only trendy but also flattering, providing a chic nod to the retro glamor of the 1950s while offering additional coverage and support. Color Trend: Expect to see high-waist styles in bold, vibrant shades this season. Look out for electric blues, zesty oranges, and radiant yellows.

2. Underwire Swimwear

Underwire swimwear is back with a bang! These suits, reminiscent of the 1950’s pin up girl and super sophisticated 80s, are not only supportive but also add a touch of elegance to your beach look.  This style is being showcased in a range of pastel hues this year, from  soft blues and mint greens to lavender and blush pinks.

3. Sporty One-Pieces

If you're after a blend of comfort and style, one piece swimsuits  are your go-to. These functional yet fashionable swimsuits are perfect for those who love water sports or prefer more coverage and sun protection. Expect this style in monochrome colors, especially black and white, and solids with pops of neon for an edgy touch.

4. Swimsuits for Mature Women

Rejoice! This season is all about embracing ageless style. Look for elegant one-piece swimsuits with interesting details like ruching, which is great for accentuating curves and providing a slimming effect. Expect to see classic colors like navy, black, and burgundy that are in vogue, often enhanced with subtle metallic accents or paired with sophisticated patterns like animal prints or stripes.

5. Plus-Size Swimwear

Designers are increasingly recognizing the need for fashion-forward, plus-size swimwear.. Look for trendy high-waisted bikinis, stylish tankinis, and sexy one-pieces with features like wide straps for support and ruching for a flattering fit. Bold and vibrant colors like fuchsia, cobalt blue, and emerald green are in for plus-size swimwear, often adorned with tropical prints or geometric designs for an extra pop.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or just catching some rays in your backyard, remember to embrace the most important style maker of all - confidence! The best outfit you can wear is one that makes you feel fabulous. Dive into 2023 with these stylish swimwear trends!