Walnut White Bean Hummus

Walnut White Bean Hummus

Not everyone is a fan of chickpeas or tahini. This recipe is a nice change of pace and has a lighter texture than chickpea hummus.

This dip may be made one day in advance and keeps 3-4 days in the fridge.




Serve with cucumber slices, carrot sticks, fresh red pepper strips, and pita bread or pita chips for dipping


Ingredient Notes

Extra-virgin olive oil is essential for so many recipes. Our favorite everyday brand is Rustico, and we get it at our local grocery store. Another great choice as a bread dip and salad dressing we enjoy is this Garcia de la Cruz Organic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, especially smooth and fruity.

The Spice Way - Traditional Lebanese Zaatar with Hyssop, 6 oz  We love this brand of zaatar to sprinkle on our homemade hummus. It is also good with olive oil as a bread dip and sprinkled on soft cheeses like labane. The hyssop is what makes it distinctive, and this is a well packaged, dependable brand.

Nutty Gourmet Pistachio Butter

Pistachio butter, where have you been all my life? This spread is wonderful on toast and anything else you can think to put it on. I sliced fresh figs on top of my whole grain toast with pistachio butter, and it was divine. Best of all, it saves about $4.50 for the two jar pack with Prime over buying it at our grocery store. 

Big Tree Coconut Aminos are terrific for stir-frys, salad dressings, and flavoring anything that needs a bit of depth. A great substitute for soy sauce.