Kitchen Storage

It seems we never have enough kitchen storage because we are always freezing something or ferrying storage containers, full or empty, from one house to another. Here are some favorites.

We are excited about this new  set of 5 nesting Tupperware bowls like mom used in great summer cool colors. If you need a larger set, consider the Tupperware 36 piece set, which includes 18 bowls of different sizes with lids. Tupperware is now distributed through Amazon after decades of only being available at Tupperware parties. The perfect containers for your summer dishes, from the Vintage collection. Pass the potato salad.

This stylish Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher, Clear, 93 oz. comes in many styles and sizes, and is ideal for lemonade, ice tea, fruit juice, and other cold liquids. Best of all, it is acrylic and BPA-free, so it is safe for big kids to handle.

If you prefer glass for your beverages, consider the Richro Glass Pitcher with Lid - Elegant Glass Water Carafe with Lid - Durable & Sturdy Glass Water Pitcher - 55 Oz Heat Resistant Glass Carafe for Hot/Cold Beverages, Coffee, Juice, Iced Tea Pitcher

For some counter style, consider these Style Setter Canister Set. The 3-Piece Glass Jars (base, lid, and seal) in 34oz, 44oz & 54oz Retro Design w/Airtight Lids for Cookies, Candy, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice, Pasta, Cereal & More

My favorite food storage solution is this Pyrex Simply Store 18-Pc Glass Food Storage Containers Set. These versatile pieces are great for the fridge and can go into the oven or freezer. Check out all the Pyrex options in the Pyrex Store.

For a whole pantry reorganization, consider these Rubbermaid 31-Piece Brilliance Food Storage Containers for Pantry with Lids for Flour, Sugar, and Pasta, Dishwasher Safe, Clear/Grey. I did a major pantry reorganization lately and this type of container makes it easy to visually organize.

We use these bins to organize our fridge and pantry. HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins - 8pcs Clear Plastic Bins For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry Organization and Storage, BPA Free Fridge Organizer, 12.5" Long. You can also use clear shoeboxes for the pantry.

This 2 Pack Soda Can Organizer plays surprising double duty organizing canned food in my pantry. With a vegan in the house, we have many cans of beans, tomatoes, and coconut milk.