Product Recommendations

What do you recommend? Tell us what products you like and why. We may feature in our blog or website with a thank you.  

Getting the Best Price

The links we provide to products are mostly through Amazon because we receive the products quickly and delivery is included in our prime membership. Before buying we recommend doing a google search and comparing prices, including shipping. Be sure delivery time fits you needs.

We sometimes will buy refurbished or open box items, especially when significantly discounted.  The Breville Panini Press we bought refurblished 10 years ago is still going strong! Here is the latest version.

How do we select products to recommend?

Before we recommend anything, we try it ourselves. We don't write negative reviews of products that fail, just ones we would buy again. Most of the products were purchased, some we received as gifts from family and friends. 

Here are the selection criteria:

Product Links

Links are provided for up-to-date pricing and ease of viewing product features and comparing to competitors. If you buy the product through the Amazon link provided we may earn a small commission. The product reviews are independent and recommended regardless of commissions, manufacturer, or retailer.  For your convenience we are assembling a page with just product links by category so you can